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This Christmas my mom and I must have been reading each others’ minds. I came across these beautiful stockings right around the time she mentioned that she wanted to make some this year. We got busy and didn’t get around to making them, when on December 23rd I suddenly became inspired and became determined that we absolutely had to make them for Christmas 2010! I ran off to Pacific Fabrics, where I tried my best to mix and match fun, Christmas-like fabrics that didn’t scream Christmas (no nutcrackers, Christmas trees or lights).

Of course, figuring out the cuff was the hardest part! We used both the directions for the cuff as well as a stocking made for me by Johnny’s aunt the previous year to put ours together. It took about 4 hours to trace and cut all the fabric and sew together 6 stockings. The next day I made two additional mini stockings using scraps for the dogs 🙂

Here they are. Sorry for the poor-quality flash photo, I took it at 11:30pm when we finished them! The two stockings facing the other way are for my brother and Johnny, who are both left handed 🙂

For 6 stockings, I purchased:

  • 1/3 yard for each outside fabric
  • 2 yards of the same fabric for lining all 6
  • 1/2 yard of the same fabric for the cuffs for all 6 (but then we realized the red polka dots didn’t look too good with all the outside fabrics since some of the reds were more coral or orange, so we used scraps to mix and match and make more cuffs that matched better)

Here are some better photos of mine and Johnny’s, we took them home with us since they were loaded with candy and goodies.

Also you can get a sneak peak of our big surprise – a fireplace! It’s not done – we still need to sand and paint a few areas, attach crown moulding on the top, and cut the brick paneling to fit, but I just couldn’t resist “hanging” the stockings (with wine bottles!) on the new fireplace. Also check out my mini tree, my awesome Goodwill finds: the wooden frame and cheery Santa Claus.

And here is a close-up of my stocking – I couldn’t resist the cute animals decked out in holiday gear!!

Stay tuned for a big update about the fireplace soon! It’s so beautiful and looks awesome in the yellow room! It gives the room more purpose, and I get the fireplace and mantel I’ve always wanted! (our real fireplace was torn down sometime before we bough the house).


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This past weekend we went hunting for our Christmas tree. We were out for a Noble Fir, which I thought would make my Rockefeller Center-like tree easier to make. But, we also wanted a tall tree for our 9ft ceilings, and unfortunately we couldn’t find a Noble Fir that was tall enough! Instead we went with a beautiful Blue Spruce that was just at 9ft tall.

You aren’t a true Northwesterner if you don’t own a Subaru Forester

Once home, we cut off about 6 inches, and now that it’s in the tree stand, it barely fits under the ceiling. 🙂 perfect, although now we can’t fit the tree topper on. 🙂

Then, I began my mission. First I wrapped the trunk top to bottom and then bottom to top. After that I started wrapping the tree as densely as I could, for a total of 16 strands on the tree. It didn’t look like the Rockefeller Center tree, unfortunately, but at that point I realized I would need significantly more lights to make an impact, and it wasn’t something I was really prepared to spend more money on. Maybe next year I can add to my lights collection!

Kitty helped put up the lights.

the final product, 16 strands later!

also note my little turquoise tree on the left 🙂

Here are some other decorations around the house:

I love my stairway banister

oh, there’s more. another mini tree, a wreath, and a pink poinsettia 🙂

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oooo, boy, I am neglecting the blog again! oops!

I’ve been soooo looking forward to the holidays this year! Last year we moved into the house a few days into December, and put up some lights on the porch, found a Christmas tree, and called it good. So this year is kind of like our first real Christmas in the house.

We Seattle-ites had a crazy snowstorm last week, and I managed to get two days off work because of it, giving me a very extended Thanksgiving holiday!

I decided that because of the snow, and the fact that I was stuck at home since Johnny took my AWD Subaru to work, I’d get out the Christmas decorations! This year, I decorated my white tree in gold and pink (last year was gold and green).

I also spray-painted a cute little tree I picked up at Target a fun turquoise, and decorated another mini tree in all green.

Now we just have one more tree to get…a real one for the living room! I think it will look fantastic in the bay window!

And you know what else I want? an old tinsel tree. I’d loooooove one of those!

I also made a wreath, but am afraid to put a hole in our pristine new drywall, so it’s leaning against the wall on a table for now. 🙂

Once the single-digit weather subsided, it was easy enough to go out in the rain to hang lights on the exterior of the house. This year we splurged on brand new all-white LED lights so the look will be uniform and energy efficient. We also got little clips so that they will hopefully hang in a straight line on the edge of the porch roof. Next year we’d like to purchase a harness so we can hang lights on the very peak of the roof, so this year we’re limited to decorating just the porch and lower level. Which really suits us, anyways, since we’ve dedicated most of our time, money and energy to remodeling the downstairs. With a nonfunctioning bathroom and drafty rooms, we’ve treated the upstairs like it doesn’t exist (except for working on projects and as storage and my craft room!)

Anyways, in the spirit of decorating the front porch, we even bought outdoor light fixtures (ours are all capped off with metal plates) and red light blubs! Can’t wait to install them all!

Once we finish getting the lights up, I’ll take some photos.

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