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Since my birthday was Friday, I was treated to a Goodwill expedition on Saturday. I found some pretty awesome lamps that I set aside (no real need for them…) but I did go home with this AWESOME chair for a whopping $4 and it had been sitting on the shelf for 10 DAYS. I love my Goodwill.

It’s a mid century modern style dining chair made of teak and made in Denmark. It has a few scuffs and what looks to be a little bit of water damage around bottoms of the legs, but otherwise is in shiny and smooth condition. The vinyl seat has one tear on a front corner, a couple of flecks of paint (like someone painted a room with a roller and didn’t cover/move the furniture), and has come separated from a few staples on the underside. I think I’ll replace it with a white vinyl seat much like this one:

I just love the contrast between the seat and the wood. Then I’ll have to decide if I want to keep it or not. hmmm. It’s so cute, but I am getting to the point where I have a lot of chairs…

Here’s another of the same chair:

click the photo and check out how much they are selling this set of chairs for! wowza!


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