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As part of our 2011 To-Do List, we plan on remodeling the entryway. I’ve been busy day dreaming the stairwell part of it, and have been working on stripping paint off the newel post and handrail. For a while I was obsessed with Farrow and Ball wallpapers, but the minimum order is way too much paper for our entryway, and it’s too expensive to justify with all the remodeling we’re doing on the house. However, just the other day I realized I could paint on a stencil that looks like fancy wallpaper. I could even use a metallic paint that resembles some of the wallpapers I liked from F&B.

Check out the inspiration pictures:

from Isabella & Max Rooms:

I’m going to be using this stencil but NOT these directions (this lady drew the stencil on the wall and then painted every line herself): http://jonesdesigncompany.com/decorate/painted-wallpaper-a-tutorial/

and I’m kind of going to follow these directions (won’t be using spray adhesive on the wall): http://www.allthingsthrifty.com/2010/03/tutorial-making-stencil.html

and these directions: http://www.whitewallco.com (click then go to “Print Instructions”)

I’ll post my own tutorial someday when I get to this stage of the project – we have a lot of spackling and cleaning of the walls to do, not to mention choosing a paint color and a stencil color. 🙂 I’m thinking we’ll go with a medium blue (maybe flat?) and a shimmery-silvery-white stencil color.


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First off, as I’m getting used to writing a blog I am finding that I think the key to writing good, to the point posts with helpful or inspirational photos is to write in advance. This is not to say I’ve started such a thing yet, but I think I may be leaning that way.

At any rate, since we are remodeling our entire house, design has to be cheap. That’s why I love thrift stores. This weekend I picked up 5 new art pieces, a vase, a golden peacock (it’s awesome), and a brass miniature rocking horse.

I can’t decide if I want to paint it or leave it gold. The gold is not too shiny anymore, so I’m leaning towards spray paint.

typewriter desk, frames and brass rocking horse from goodwill/value village

A few weeks ago I was drooling over Farrow & Ball wallpapers, and noticed that you can send away for 5 free samples, with free shipping! heck yea! I got two different colors from the Peony collection and two colors from the Vermicelli collection (I should have gotten another sample from the Ranelagh collection but it didn’t come). They are absolutely even more beautiful in person. I have no idea what they go for per roll, but I decided I would be able to use these samples, which measure about 8×12, as art by framing them. Now I just need to find the perfectly cheap matching frames.

the metallic finishes remind me of some of the wallpapers we uncovered throughout the house:

(a hole cut out from when we had the new electrical woven throughout the house)

Another cheap design idea is DIY. There seems to be a trend in the home renovation blogging world of DIY string hanging light fixtures. My friends and I decided to try our hand at it. I made a crochet string ball, Meghan made a black yarn ball, and Hannah made a hemp ball. Aside from not exactly knowing how to attach the electrical parts to the balls, the only other problem is that you can see little webs of glue between some of the criss-crossing paths of string. For a total of about $30 (mine was more expensive because I used electrical cord that can be hardwired to the ceiling), it’s a steal of a light fixture and really unique!

We experienced a minor obstacle in the fixture-hanging: Kitty, who thought the ladder was a new cat tree.

okay…..ready to see the light fixture?! it’s blue!

YAY! (also check out the windows in the background. There are two of them, and each window of little squares took me 2 hours to paint….and I still have to paint the rest and then do a second coat!)

Next time I should have an update of the bathroom remodel. We are working on all the finishing details, which takes SO much time. Lots and lots of meticulous work to chaulk and to paint and let things dry, etc. They don’t show that on the home renovation shows. 🙂 I wish there were “last-detail work fairies” that came in and did all that boring but essential work.

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