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Since my birthday was Friday, I was treated to a Goodwill expedition on Saturday. I found some pretty awesome lamps that I set aside (no real need for them…) but I did go home with this AWESOME chair for a whopping $4 and it had been sitting on the shelf for 10 DAYS. I love my Goodwill.

It’s a mid century modern style dining chair made of teak and made in Denmark. It has a few scuffs and what looks to be a little bit of water damage around bottoms of the legs, but otherwise is in shiny and smooth condition. The vinyl seat has one tear on a front corner, a couple of flecks of paint (like someone painted a room with a roller and didn’t cover/move the furniture), and has come separated from a few staples on the underside. I think I’ll replace it with a white vinyl seat much like this one:

I just love the contrast between the seat and the wood. Then I’ll have to decide if I want to keep it or not. hmmm. It’s so cute, but I am getting to the point where I have a lot of chairs…

Here’s another of the same chair:

click the photo and check out how much they are selling this set of chairs for! wowza!


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I love Goodwill, and I always find great things there. I like Goodwill because the things I find are unique and I don’t have to worry about seeing it in someone else’s home. You can find high-end things there for cheap. And I don’t have to feel bad about painting or changing a piece, because it’s usually damaged in its current state. The things I tend to look for are books and furniture, sometimes jackets or skirts, fabric, fashion jewelry, and purses.

Anyways, I found this cute gossip chair at Goodwill recently, and gave it a little sprucing up:

Here it is after using wood glue and clamps to put it back together, and a thorough sanding:

(That end table in the back is also from Goodwill – it says “Ethan Allen” on it but I’m not sure if it’s old or not – it sure seems to be. I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet.)

I know you’re wondering what those little yellow things are! They are these:

They help you paint all the way down to the side of your project, whether it’s a flat piece or a table or chair. The holes are there so if you’re working with saw horses, you can zip tie them to the saw horse so you can be sure those little trianlges won’t go anywhere. They’re really durable, I was surprised one leg or another didn’t fall off when I was painting and pressing against the chair with the brush.

These are the kinds of gifts I get nowadays from Johnny πŸ™‚ He got them at Home Depot for around $5 I think for a pack of 10 triangles.

Anyways, here’s the chair after I scrounged up some paint, foam, and fabric I had around the house:

The paint is Martha Stewart Cumulus Cloud in flat (I used it on the ceilings in the day parlor (yellow room) and dining room (purple)). The darker gray is Martha Stewart Zinc, also in flat (bought a quart to paint a mirror frame that I haven’t actually gotten around to doing yet…).Β  The fabric is something from the home decor section of Joanns I got a while ago to make a pillow.

It turned out very nice and I’m quite happy with it. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it or sell it – I’m getting to the point where I need to start selling things if I want to keep purchasing new stuff and redoing them. It might be a good method of continuing to hone the look I’m going for! For now I’ll keep it, and when the next project comes along I’ll have to decide what will need to go.

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This Christmas my mom and I must have been reading each others’ minds. I came across these beautiful stockings right around the time she mentioned that she wanted to make some this year. We got busy and didn’t get around to making them, when on December 23rd I suddenly became inspired and became determined that we absolutely had to make them for Christmas 2010! I ran off to Pacific Fabrics, where I tried my best to mix and match fun, Christmas-like fabrics that didn’t scream Christmas (no nutcrackers, Christmas trees or lights).

Of course, figuring out the cuff was the hardest part! We used both the directions for the cuff as well as a stocking made for me by Johnny’s aunt the previous year to put ours together. It took about 4 hours to trace and cut all the fabric and sew together 6 stockings. The next day I made two additional mini stockings using scraps for the dogs πŸ™‚

Here they are. Sorry for the poor-quality flash photo, I took it at 11:30pm when we finished them! The two stockings facing the other way are for my brother and Johnny, who are both left handed πŸ™‚

For 6 stockings, I purchased:

  • 1/3 yard for each outside fabric
  • 2 yards of the same fabric for lining all 6
  • 1/2 yard of the same fabric for the cuffs for all 6 (but then we realized the red polka dots didn’t look too good with all the outside fabrics since some of the reds were more coral or orange, so we used scraps to mix and match and make more cuffs that matched better)

Here are some better photos of mine and Johnny’s, we took them home with us since they were loaded with candy and goodies.

Also you can get a sneak peak of our big surprise – a fireplace! It’s not done – we still need to sand and paint a few areas, attach crown moulding on the top, and cut the brick paneling to fit, but I just couldn’t resist “hanging” the stockings (with wine bottles!) on the new fireplace. Also check out my mini tree, my awesome Goodwill finds: the wooden frame and cheery Santa Claus.

And here is a close-up of my stocking – I couldn’t resist the cute animals decked out in holiday gear!!

Stay tuned for a big update about the fireplace soon! It’s so beautiful and looks awesome in the yellow room! It gives the room more purpose, and I get the fireplace and mantel I’ve always wanted! (our real fireplace was torn down sometime before we bough the house).

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This past weekend we went hunting for our Christmas tree. We were out for a Noble Fir, which I thought would make my Rockefeller Center-like tree easier to make. But, we also wanted a tall tree for our 9ft ceilings, and unfortunately we couldn’t find a Noble Fir that was tall enough! Instead we went with a beautiful Blue Spruce that was just at 9ft tall.

You aren’t a true Northwesterner if you don’t own a Subaru Forester

Once home, we cut off about 6 inches, and now that it’s in the tree stand, it barely fits under the ceiling. πŸ™‚ perfect, although now we can’t fit the tree topper on. πŸ™‚

Then, I began my mission. First I wrapped the trunk top to bottom and then bottom to top. After that I started wrapping the tree as densely as I could, for a total of 16 strands on the tree. It didn’t look like the Rockefeller Center tree, unfortunately, but at that point I realized I would need significantly more lights to make an impact, and it wasn’t something I was really prepared to spend more money on. Maybe next year I can add to my lights collection!

Kitty helped put up the lights.

the final product, 16 strands later!

also note my little turquoise tree on the left πŸ™‚

Here are some other decorations around the house:

I love my stairway banister

oh, there’s more. another mini tree, a wreath, and a pink poinsettia πŸ™‚

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Who are you, readers?

I don’t put a lot into the blog – if something strikes me, I write about it. If we’re working on a project, I’ll post photos. I have a vague dream of coming up with regular themes to post about and follow formats that readers can identify with and remember. But I’m letting the blog grow on its own before I sit down and figure that part out.

Regardless, I’ve been interested who visits my blog. Over the summer, wordpress told me that there were a few days that 30+ people visited! I had questions: was this the result of some google search that many people took? did someone link to my blog? did the people find anything interesting here? hmm! Newly inspired that people actually did visit, I put more effort into the blog, taking down most of the posts, re-doing them and re-posting, and posting new blog updates. I started giving time to what I might blog about next, and pre-writing a post rather than writing and immediately publishing.

Next, I signed up for free sitemeter account, which could tell me more about who is visiting and how they are getting to my pages. Visitors are from all over the world – Germany, India, USA, Australia and Canada. From the US, people are visiting from Massachusetts, Illinois, Hawaii, New York, California, New Jersey and good ‘ole Washington. It seems as though some people are repeat visitors, at least, they are from the same city as another visitor. I’m curious to know who you are, and what you are looking for in my blog! Do you like the projects? Decor? DIY? My adorable pets? All of the above? Are you interested in how much things cost, where we get supplies, how-to posts, lots of pictures? Do I write too much? This way I can try to cater to who my visitors are.

So: where are you from, and what are you looking for when you visit? Let me know in a comment!

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First off, as I’m getting used to writing a blog I am finding that I think the key to writing good, to the point posts with helpful or inspirational photos is to write in advance. This is not to say I’ve started such a thing yet, but I think I may be leaning that way.

At any rate, since we are remodeling our entire house, design has to be cheap. That’s why I love thrift stores. This weekend I picked up 5 new art pieces, a vase, a golden peacock (it’s awesome), and a brass miniature rocking horse.

I can’t decide if I want to paint it or leave it gold. The gold is not too shiny anymore, so I’m leaning towards spray paint.

typewriter desk, frames and brass rocking horse from goodwill/value village

A few weeks ago I was drooling over Farrow & Ball wallpapers, and noticed that you can send away for 5 free samples, with free shipping! heck yea! I got two different colors from the Peony collection and two colors from the Vermicelli collection (I should have gotten another sample from the Ranelagh collection but it didn’t come). They are absolutely even more beautiful in person. I have no idea what they go for per roll, but I decided I would be able to use these samples, which measure about 8×12, as art by framing them. Now I just need to find the perfectly cheap matching frames.

the metallic finishes remind me of some of the wallpapers we uncovered throughout the house:

(a hole cut out from when we had the new electrical woven throughout the house)

Another cheap design idea is DIY. There seems to be a trend in the home renovation blogging world of DIY string hanging light fixtures. My friends and I decided to try our hand at it. I made a crochet string ball, Meghan made a black yarn ball, and Hannah made a hemp ball. Aside from not exactly knowing how to attach the electrical parts to the balls, the only other problem is that you can see little webs of glue between some of the criss-crossing paths of string. For a total of about $30 (mine was more expensive because I used electrical cord that can be hardwired to the ceiling), it’s a steal of a light fixture and really unique!

We experienced a minor obstacle in the fixture-hanging: Kitty, who thought the ladder was a new cat tree.

okay…..ready to see the light fixture?! it’s blue!

YAY! (also check out the windows in the background. There are two of them, and each window of little squares took me 2 hours to paint….and I still have to paint the rest and then do a second coat!)

Next time I should have an update of the bathroom remodel. We are working on all the finishing details, which takes SO much time. Lots and lots of meticulous work to chaulk and to paint and let things dry, etc. They don’t show that on the home renovation shows. πŸ™‚ I wish there were “last-detail work fairies” that came in and did all that boring but essential work.

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I’ve been busy working on projects at the house, including reupholstering the dining room chairs and hanging art on the walls (this was a big step considering I was so afraid of ruining the new walls!).

However, what I wanted to write about today was the search feature introduced on apartmenttherapy today. I’m sure this has been around for a while, but I’m not a computer nerd, so if someone doesn’t demonstrate a cool new feature to me, then I’ll probably never come across it.

Check it out:

go to google

type in something like this:

site: apartmenttherapy.com entryway (or anything you can think of: I tried bedroom, headboard, light fixture, living room)

then click on “images”

you can further refine your search by choosing a color on the left hand side of the screen.


This works with any site that tags their photos, too. I’m SO EXCITED! I have been overwhelmed with inspiration today. My favorite home decor sites:

House of Turquoise (everything!)

DesignSponge (house tours and before & after)

ApartmentTherapy (just the house tours, really)

I’m totally in love with this search function. No more mindlessly searching google images for me! Great home design comes up on every single image. love it!

Here’s a teaser of the dining room chairs:

One dining room chair finished!

I only finished one, though, because I ran into a problem: My thighs run into a vertical ledge that runs around the table (kind of like a wooden skirt!). Not cool. I think I may take off the felt pads I put on the bottoms of the legs, as well as the metal feet on the underside of the legs. I think I will have to raise the height of the table, too, by about two inches. I will probably have to cut pieces of wood to just a tad smaller than each table leg, then stain them to match and attach them to the bottoms of the legs.

Here’s my cat on my new Goodwill find:

Kitty approves of the $80 Victorian settee

I reorganized the day parlor. I’ll post photos soon – the pink trim clashes terribly with the yellow walls, and I’m just dreading painting the window trim since the windows are so detailed…but I think you’ll like my new bookshelf – it’s a metal plant stand I got from the neighbors across the street. πŸ™‚

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