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This past weekend we went hunting for our Christmas tree. We were out for a Noble Fir, which I thought would make my Rockefeller Center-like tree easier to make. But, we also wanted a tall tree for our 9ft ceilings, and unfortunately we couldn’t find a Noble Fir that was tall enough! Instead we went with a beautiful Blue Spruce that was just at 9ft tall.

You aren’t a true Northwesterner if you don’t own a Subaru Forester

Once home, we cut off about 6 inches, and now that it’s in the tree stand, it barely fits under the ceiling. 🙂 perfect, although now we can’t fit the tree topper on. 🙂

Then, I began my mission. First I wrapped the trunk top to bottom and then bottom to top. After that I started wrapping the tree as densely as I could, for a total of 16 strands on the tree. It didn’t look like the Rockefeller Center tree, unfortunately, but at that point I realized I would need significantly more lights to make an impact, and it wasn’t something I was really prepared to spend more money on. Maybe next year I can add to my lights collection!

Kitty helped put up the lights.

the final product, 16 strands later!

also note my little turquoise tree on the left 🙂

Here are some other decorations around the house:

I love my stairway banister

oh, there’s more. another mini tree, a wreath, and a pink poinsettia 🙂


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I <3 Goodwill

oh, Goodwill, one of my favorite stores. Not only is everything cheap, but you find the craziest things there that make you laugh or inspire you. I could easily spend hours there, and it is a rare day that I leave Goodwill empty handed. My most frequent purchases are home decor and living magazines and old books. I also like to get fabric and picture frames. I’ve bought lamps and milkglass vases and candy dishes, too. Some of my best purchases have been a sterling silver antique vanity mirror, a huge archtop mirror, an antique Ethan Allen end table, an L.S. Lowry print, a fabulous Banana Republic linen dress, and a George Seurat museum print of A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte. I’ve now converted Johnny, who has been more than skeptical of thrift stores for years. Recently we purchased a mint condition Zenith record player, 8 track and radio from 1972 (I have plans for it so it’s less of a blast from the 70s). Now we spend our evenings listening to The Music Man, The Eagles, or Dixieland Jazz.

To get to my real story, last night we were at the fabric store picking up foam and batting to reupholster our dining room chairs (eeee!) and decided to run across the street to Goodwill before they closed at 9pm. We went our separate ways, Johnny shopping for old books and records, while I checked out the Halloween decor, then glasswares (found a new milkglass candy dish), before heading over to furniture.

That’s when I saw it: a ruby-magenta velvet Victorian cameo-back settee in very recently reupholstered condition.

I tried to divert my eyes, I really did! I walked through the furniture section, looking for a narrow dresser for the entryway, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed others peeking at the pricetag and walking away. I was afraid of what it might cost, so I went on my way to the art, and then back to records and books to find Johnny. I insisted he come look at something, and within about five minutes of showing it to him, we had flagged down an employee, taken it to the register to pay, and loaded it into the car. That settee was MINE!

We are pretty crazy – it’s totally not part of my preconceived vision for any of the rooms in our house. But at $80 for a settee that is in near perfect condition, the frame is likely from the 1880s (our house was built in 1890), recently re-upholstered AND pink, I had to have it. I found out today that people pay $400+ for a bare frame of this kind of settee, and $1,000+ for one in this condition! wow, definitely the most expensive item I’ve bought at Goodwill but worth the most! I know I can make this settee fit in without creating a room that looks like it’s from 1883 (I kind of hate Victorian decor to be honest!)

I have no intention of reupholstering it anytime soon since 1) that costs money, and 2) the velvet is in amazing condition, but check out this same settee (that sold for $3,000!). Someday I’ll re-do it in some awesome fabric that modernizes the piece.

Design Sponge - Chairloom

How cute is that?!

next time, I’ll revisit some of our big projects at the house. That is, if I don’t find something else equally amazing at Goodwill. 😉

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