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Who are you, readers?

I don’t put a lot into the blog – if something strikes me, I write about it. If we’re working on a project, I’ll post photos. I have a vague dream of coming up with regular themes to post about and follow formats that readers can identify with and remember. But I’m letting the blog grow on its own before I sit down and figure that part out.

Regardless, I’ve been interested who visits my blog. Over the summer, wordpress told me that there were a few days that 30+ people visited! I had questions: was this the result of some google search that many people took? did someone link to my blog? did the people find anything interesting here? hmm! Newly inspired that people actually did visit, I put more effort into the blog, taking down most of the posts, re-doing them and re-posting, and posting new blog updates. I started giving time to what I might blog about next, and pre-writing a post rather than writing and immediately publishing.

Next, I signed up for free sitemeter account, which could tell me more about who is visiting and how they are getting to my pages. Visitors are from all over the world – Germany, India, USA, Australia and Canada. From the US, people are visiting from Massachusetts, Illinois, Hawaii, New York, California, New Jersey and good ‘ole Washington. It seems as though some people are repeat visitors, at least, they are from the same city as another visitor. I’m curious to know who you are, and what you are looking for in my blog! Do you like the projects? Decor? DIY? My adorable pets? All of the above? Are you interested in how much things cost, where we get supplies, how-to posts, lots of pictures? Do I write too much? This way I can try to cater to who my visitors are.

So: where are you from, and what are you looking for when you visit? Let me know in a comment!


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